Wednesday, 25 September 2013

"Electrobeat" goes for its MOT at last and passes 1st time!

So Monday night I dropped the EV down to Brent for him to make up the 12v battery plate and fasten all the HV cables to the car properly rather than zip tied to the brake pipes.

Also asked if he could find me a 12v ignition source somewhere in the front of the car and run it to the brake vacuum pump control relay, and asked if he might be able to get some of the dashboard meters working.

I had noticed a few days earlier that there was an electrical connection in the gearbox and upon asking Brent he suggested it would be the speedo terminal, great I said can you connect that as well if you get time.

I was expecting the car back by the end of this week, however when I dropped in the following evening, Brent had finished the lot!

MOT passed and all the bits done (or so I thought) so I drove away with the thoughts of a free tax disc in my hand as the next stop, and promptly noticed the vacuum pump did not appear to be operating and the speedometer was having a hard time getting a stable reading ,the needle was jumping up and down like a cat on a hot tin plate!

So there are still a few issues to resolve before I can get this on the road:-

1) Get the Tax disc
2) Repair and get my 12Kw EMW charger working.
3) Fix speedo issue
4) Test brakes properly and fix if necessary
5) Fit last battery box and test PSU/DC-DC converter.
6) Full test of all systems, lights, indicators, brakes, windows, anything that draws current from the 12V batt whilst the car is driving around the garden.
7) Assuming charger is working now, fit into Ali box and test again
8) Fit charger into car and wire J1772 (there are issues here that Valery and others are trying to resolve)
9) Wire J1772 plug through an adapter to my supply at home and test all systems work as expected.

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