Friday, 13 September 2013

1st Charge (from Steves Zivan) @ 20:20 on 12/09/2013 (2 packs only @ 148V)

Borrowed Steves Zivan last night he also gave me the Cycle analyst and the Shunt (which I mistook for a fuse and put inline with the +ve before charging, DUMMY!)

Steve corrected me with a ”Fuse what fuse! You don't mean the shunt I gave you do you?” DOH!
Still as the pack was at empty I luckily did not cause any damage to Steve’s Zivan.

It responded as expected and I left it charging for 1 hour as Steve recommended that should be good for 15 miles or so.

Disconnected the Zivan and switched on the car connected laptop to Soliton and checked status, “Pack Low Voltage” messages had disappeared so I assumed I would be good to drive (Wrong)

I then spent an hour or so trying to calibrate the throttle sensor again, I think I may have the TPS mechanics badly setup or something, when I got the TPS body it had no magnets fitted and no sensor, I  bought the sensor and wired that myself (Correctly according  to datasheet AFAIK) however I guessed at the magnet orientation I am checking this with Steve now.

The TPS body I am using is from a motorcycle and has been bolted into the car by Brent the mechanic this is all fine, however when I disassemble the TPS body, the part that moves inside is a “C” shaped metal bracket with two small recesses for the magnets at each end of the “C” these recesses are just the right size to fit two magnets at each end of the “C” however I guessed at the orientation so I may have inadvertently created a confusing magnetic field for the hall effect sensor and this may be why I am getting inconsistent readings from the throttle .

I am checking this also with Steve, in fact I think I will need to get Steve over soon to give me a hand setting up the cycle analyst as well as ironing out the last few things to get me moving.

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