Monday, 28 October 2013

The devil is in the detail

So near and yet so far, I spent a while tinkering with the brakes over the weekend as the vacuum switch did not seem to come on after the ignition was switched on, and now the vacuum sensor appears to have packed up, no apparent reason why but now it won’t switch on at all.
What with that and the blown IGBT DC-DC and IGBT driver chips on my charger, I am not having the best of times with the getting the car on the road.
However my partner is attempting to get the DVLA to give me a TAX disc today (we will see just how easy this wasn't tonight)

All in all it has been a little depressing this week with the failures, still I did manage to get the IGBT’s ordered they are not cheap at £69 each, bought two as I am intending to build another charger for the second EV which we have not started as yet.

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