Friday, 13 September 2013

Charger Delays

Fixed the garbled screen by adding loads of CLRSCRN statements before the PRINTSTR statements, still not sure that the LM211P is not fried, but Valery thinks not (I ordered one anyway just to be sure) everything follows the test procedure normally until I get to the “Short the output terminals” section which should then do a Zero Volt calibration, instead it just skips straight to the Power config (not right)
Ok so I am progressing with the charger slowly can’t get it to do the Zero Point calibration at the moment and I have been emailing Valery for advice.
Still Steve has offered me his Zivan to charge and test the car it can’t do a full charge but if I charge it for an hour or 2 it should get the car running adequately to get it down to Brent for the final fitting and MOTing I hope.
Brent needs to weld me a 12V battery holder bracket and fit all the HV cables properly to the car (rather than Zip ties to the Brake pipes as they are now) he also needs to fix the contactor to the car.
But that should be about it, Damn it’s getting close now.
Can’t wait to see what this baby can do.

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