Friday, 13 September 2013

EMW Charger testing continued

Carried on testing the EMW charger after I charged the car last night with Steve’s Zivan, I checked the voltages on the A7520 and found 0V on all pins bar pin 6 & 8 which had 4.82V on them, reported this back to Valery and await his advice.

Also I removed the charger box from the boot last night after marking the final hole that needs drilling to accommodate the +ve feed to the battery pack.

I had to change this slightly as I originally thought I could connect both +ve & -ve from the battery connections on the Soliton to the charger but of course the contactor set (which is not in the boot) would prevent this so I cut and crimped an additional length of cable to give the +ve feed from the charger the battery side of the contactor set.

Steve has said he may make it over tomorrow (Saturday) so hopefully I may get the car moving this weekend.

Need to remove the Throttle Assy and diagnose on the bench to get a proper 0-5V range coming out of the sensor, I must have the magnets fitted wrongly or something will investigate tonight.

Also need to move the shunt onto the negative battery terminal and hopefully Steve can help me setup the “Large Cycle Analyst” as well on Saturday as I have not a clue what to do with it.

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