Monday, 9 September 2013

Brighton Mini Maker Fair 2013

Whew that was hectic, Unfortunately the car was not road legal so I was unable to tow it to the show and Brent’s trailer needs a large truck to pull it and his was off the road for servicing.

So we printed out loads of pictures of the car, took the charger internals not quite finished but nearly complete, the J1772 lead & plug and a copper buss bar for examples and wrote up a quick synopsis of “Why You Should Convert Your Own Electric Car”

I also took my 3D printer and loads of 3D printed things as examples.

I was amazed at the response the fair was packed must have been at least 5000 people, I reckon 1000 of them came to our stand we were luckily brought indoors as we did not have the car and printing in the wind or even a breeze is almost impossible.

They put us near the door which meant we had quite a lot of natural light which was nice, some of the stands looked more like dungeons in dark and gloomy corners.

There were a lot of stands doing 3D printing but I only saw one other actually printing this does seem to be a trait of these fairs in that loads of 3D printers arrive but only 1 or 2 actually print anything on the day! MAD!

Loads of people commended me on the quality of the parts I had produced and the variation in colours and plastic types, I had ABS, PLA and CAPA/PCL on show.

Got lots of interest in the EV, Printed out a load of last minute contact sheets so I may get some feedback after the event, got invited to an EV race at Goodwood I hope that guy gets back to me sounds like fun, and lost my voice by the end of the day so all in all I think it went pretty well.

Next year I will be much more prepared, hopefully not trying to get the RX8 completed in time for the show ;-)

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