Thursday, 22 May 2014

Brighton Mini Maker Fair comes around again!

Heck that was another year already! Well not quite but the BMMF have contacted me again to submit an application to exhibit at the BMMF 2014 in September.
I really enjoyed it last year (despite nearly losing my voice) so it was a no brainer to apply again, Plus this year I have the car finished and running so I will actually be able to show the car itself as well as my 3D printer, last year despite my efforts the car was just shy of being ready.
And in fact this year it is in a much better place with all the safety’s in place and the charger fitted and working with the J1772 plug adaptor fitted in the “ex” petrol filler cap and all 4 new alloy wheels with better sized (smaller) tyres fitted, it looks the nuts :-)
Photos coming very soon.

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