Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ordered new rear brake discs and pads all round

Well it was about time for the 5-6 months I have been driving the EV the brakes have been more than a little wanting.

I have already dismantled and serviced any jammed callipers and when I did this the pads did not seem overly worn, however since then it has become apparent (now the rear brake pads are at least applying pressure to the disc) that the rear discs are shot.

I could get them skimmed but in an effort to get the job done quickly and easily I have elected to just buy new as the rear ones are nearly half the price of the fronts and the fronts are still in fairly good condition.

I also bought new Ultimax pads for the whole car at the same time, I may keep the knackered discs just to see if I could setup my newly acquired CNC to skim the disc’s as this skill could come in very handy.

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