Thursday, 22 May 2014

BC168 balance charger wigs out!

In order for me to test and balance all of the 108+ cell packs that I have discharged, graphed, charged and balanced over the last 2 months I needed to buy a good LIPO charger and Steve recommended the BC168 LIPO Fast charger/balancer for around £90, I looked it up online and sure enough it appeared to be the bees knees of LIPO chargers (and I still think it is) after running around 80 cell packs through it (not many according to Steve he has put several thousand through his) the ground connection wire to the breakout board was showing a significant browning of the plastic suggesting it was getting hotter than it should have, I did not consider this a major issue and carried on testing the remaining cell packs whilst angling the output fan over the breakout board to keep it from getting worse, however after only a few more cells the device began playing up and would not show a reading on and cell pack on S1 line, I initially suspected the breakout board but after testing this it turned out to be the device itself and now it won’t charge properly at all the voltage sensing seems to have gone out the window as it jumps wildly about trying to sense the correct voltage, basically it’s fried. Shit!

Not convinced I did anything wrong to damage the unit so we are going to try and get an RMA on it however as it is a fairly cheap device and they come from Hong Kong it may take more time than it is worth, for now Steve has lent me his so I can at least finish the remaining packs to get my car back on the road.

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