Thursday, 22 May 2014

Battery Testing Continued

I spent several evenings this week (17th-23rd March 2014) testing batteries and have completed the first battery box 36 cell packs and the first few cell packs in the second (last remaining) battery box, so I probably have about 30 left to test, once this is done I can get onto the balancing, so far I have only had one cell pack show any signs of swelling and strangely this one seemed perfectly balanced, however Steve has recommended that I discard any that show signs of swelling, So I guess I will repurpose this one for another small battery powered project such as a 3D printed quad copter or the inverted pendulum balancing bot I am planning to build.

Let’s hope I don’t have many more that I will need to discard, I should be able to complete all this testing this weekend coming.

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