Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fitting some smaller tyres

This weekend (17th May 2014) I finally got around to fitting some smaller tyres on the two front alloys and got them back on the car (they have been sitting in the barn since I bought them and realised that although the rears were fine I would need smaller tyres to avoid the rubbing.
I have replaced the stock 13 & 14 inch alloys with larger 15 inch BBS style deep dish alloys, they were needed urgently after I first got the car on the road as I had a major lack of grip due to the massive torque now available!
I had put the original 13 inch wheels back in place after I realised my first tyre choice was just too large for the front wheel arches and have been driving the car like this for several months waiting for my local part worn tyre fitter to come up with the goods.
The car looks fantastic now with its set of 4 matching BBS style deep dish 15 inch wheels, photos coming very soon (always best to get the photos done in summer)
Even with these smaller tyres there is still a very small amount of rubbing on full lock when turning right, full lock left seems not to have the issue so I will investigate where exactly the rubbing is and see if I can do anything more about it later, but for day to day use it is now fine with the matching BBS alloys.

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