Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lessons Learnt!

OK so why did I incinerate 1/3rd of my traction pack, well several reasons but basically the main (FIRST) one it is I AM A TIT! and did not wire the Low Voltage cut-off boards into the Soliton, in fact I was putting it off (here come the excuses!) due to the fact that we have been having such shit weather (rain, I AM TALKING NOAHS FLOOD!) and our house is in a flood plain and so I had spent the last few months (literally months) dealing with the flooding every weekend without fail, I was out with a spade walking fields and digging trenches to alleviate the flooding and prevent our house from flooding this went on for several months before we finally got the EA to visit with a big digger and dig us a new drainage ditch to take the massive excess of water away.

OK excuses over, the other (SECOND) reasons were that I did not wire the High Voltage cutt-off to the charger I had just recently fitted, this will be complicated by the fact that in order to test this I will probably have to remove the charger again along with do a lot more reading and testing to get this working.

Other (THIRD) reasons could include the fact that I had not fitted any sort of fuel/charge gauge in fact I had only just picked it up and was trying to wing it to some good weather (which is now finally here TO LATE! To save me from my own stupidity!)

However after speaking to Steve he feels that the EMW charger was partly to blame because it should have picked up the fact that the total voltage was below a safe limit to begin charging (which was almost certainly true, even though I did not check this and cannot prove it!) he has advised that I check that the charger does include a below minimum voltage check and won’t run (Errors!) if the total pack voltage is below the expected “empty” value. I am not even sure if the charger checks for this.

Also as I already know I am lying to the charger as it won’t allow me to set a CV of above 3.99v I need to set 4.2v

So all in all I have a heck of a lot of work to get the EV back on the road but I am determined to do it and ASAP.

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