Monday, 28 October 2013

The first two weeks on the road

All looking good so far, still have the brakes to sort (get the vacuum assist working) and fuel gauge to fit along with cable extensions to make all the battery bank voltage test wires available from inside the car without the need to keep taking the soft-top rear part out (several screws) and removing the engine J motor bay service panels out to get to the bank sensor wires.

Each of my batt boxes has a circuit board for each series bank of 9 paralleled cell packs which breaks out the voltage sensory wires, in effect this means that I can sense the voltage on each individual cell string of 4 series banks in each box (12 banks in all to give me the 222v I need for the motor)

So when I plug my 20 quid battery voltage sensor widget it shows me 5 voltage readings, this is because I am using 5S cell packs, each cell pack having 5 actual cells in series, hence the 5S.

However as the voltage sensor boards are all connected in series across the box what I am actually sensing is the voltage of a single string of 4 cells, 1 for each series block.

So the first voltage reading on the widget reflects the voltage of cell 1 in block 1 + cell 1 in block 2 + cell 1 in block  3 + cell 1 in block 4, the second shows cell 2 in block 1 + cell 2 in block 2 etc.

This way I can at least tell if any of 1 string of 4 individual cells in that box is low it should show and if it does not recover after balancing (something I have not even got into yet, coming very soon) then I can remove that box for further investigation and once the box is open I know exactly which 4 cells to check individually to identify a bad cell and replace it if need be.

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