Monday, 28 October 2013

On the road at last :-)

Well it has been a very busy few weeks since my last post and things have really moved on.
As of Monday 14th October 2013 my EV is officially on the road (if not entirely finished!) as my charger is still awaiting parts (must chase these ASAP) Steve has been very helpful in lending me a couple of his Zivan chargers to get me on the road with my full 220V pack.
My partner had a serious car accident a week last Friday (4th) and wrote off our lovely VR4 Galant/Legnum twin turbo monster, I know I have been looking to replace this car as it eats petrol like I breathe air but this is not what I had in mind, thankfully my partner Mikki and my two daughters were fine other than Mikki sustaining an air bag blast wound, the car however is fugged :-(
Check the photo below!

Anyway I took the next week off work to give Mikki a break to recover and spend some time looking for alternative transport, however this also gave me a week to finish off the Honda Beat EV and get it on the road once and for all :-)

So Friday the 11th I took it for its first proper road test, I tested the "Beat" on a run to and from my work at Sussex Uni junction on the A27 this afternoon, in the rain, wipers going lights on for only half the journey (Bottled it!) ran the fans to clear the windscreen a little and "it were great", started out with 164.5v on the twin pack and 82.5v on the single, after getting back it was 152.2v on twin, 76.2v on single, I think that is approx. 22mile round trip (would need to check the clock, which I forgot to do today!)

Spent the weekend tweaking and charging to max safe voltage (84v per pack) after checking with Steve it seems my safe max voltage is 84v and LVC should be set at 70v this gives me a 14v range of “Fuel level” i.e. 84v on each pack means full pack 70v per pack means empty pack.

It is now Tuesday 15th and I have been driving the EV to work proper for a day and a half, so far so good, managed to get me to work drop my oldest  to school and do three circuits of Sussex Uni campus with friends to demo the car (they have been waiting a year for this)  after getting home I still had 76v per batt box, just under half empty.

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