Monday, 18 May 2015

Easter Holiday Battery testing Completed

I took a few extra days annual leave to pad my Easter break into a good couple of weeks to give me time to finish a few ongoing projects.
One of which was finishing the EIG cell tests for the RX8, So I now have all 351 cells tested and ready for the traction pack construction to begin in earnest.
I stacked a block of 30 cells with the silicone sheets as separators to see how the overall size was affected by my changing the cassette construction, looks good. I now just need to figure out how I am going to mount the cells in the boxes (yet to be made)
I am currently thinking that if I get the boxes (3 of them) made so that I can tightly pack the cells in with a 3mm plastic insulating insert between the Ali box and the cells around the outsides and at the bottom of the boxes this should allow me to secure the cells from moving by packing the cassette tops with some sort of plastic packer bars that will prevent the cells moving inside the boxes, with the addition of the tight fitting and silicone sealed lid that should stop and sort of potential for movement, Steve (Jozztek) suggested using an inflatable bag made from a reclaimed inner-tube at the ends to allow a reasonable pressure to be put on the end cells and hold them all together, but I am not happy with the potential for a simple puncture going unnoticed and causing a battery to come loose inside the pack under high torque (hard cornering for example) So I am going to stick to the tried and tested “Pack em in snug” method.
I am going for 3 separate boxes to allow a couple of strong guys to lift a single box in place, if I put the whole lot in one box I would have to disassemble the whole pack to get at any of the cells, although this is unconventional it is a consequence of building my TP from individual cells rather than cell blocks that most people use (Thundersky for example)
I will get some very accurate measurements in the next couple of days and get the boxes commissioned ASAP, No time to loose now as my September deadline is approaching very rapidly :-}

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