Monday, 18 May 2015

Still so much to do on the RX8!

To be honest the Rx8 build has not even started properly yet, The Donor car has been stripped out and is ready for the motor fitting, However the coupling of motor to diff has proved more of an issue that I had thought and we will still need to get something made by a machinist, I was going to try and sort this out myself to keep costs down but unfortunately due to other projects (Houses and other boring stuff) I am having to leave this to the mechanics, I hope that they will be able to sort something out soon and get the motor fitted ASAP.

Here is a basic list of what I need to do.

1) Get Motor coupling made and Motor fitted
2) Get Battery boxes made, Get lid fixings fitted, Give to Brent for fitting into RX8 (Angle iron welding required to hold boxes)
3) Give Soliton to Brent for sizing and fitting. 
4) Buy copper buss bar plate and drill on KX3 mill (4 holes per cell x 5 cells per plate = 20 holes per plate)
5) Get the Power steering Canbus widget (needed to enable power steering on RX8) 
6) Line battery boxes with plastic packer and fill with cells.
7) Clean every single battery connection back to dry bright copper, and fit bussbars
8) Source and fit BMS or LVC/HVC boards! (can’t get the Methods boards any more so it might have to be a homebrew BMS)
9) Finish building EMW (V12 control board) charger (need to purchase LCD screen’s ASAP)
10) Source components for reverse, Kilovac relays? (ask Steve)

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