Friday, 13 March 2015

Battery testing continues now that spring is finally here :-)

So I have recently gotten back out to my workshop to try and pick up on the battery testing again, there has been a big break from this due to the shitty English weather over winter and other time pressures, but with only 6 months to go before I need the RX8 (which is barely started) I need to get a move on.
I have done a few cell tests recently but have not as yet gotten back into the swing proper, just prepping the rig so that I can easily swap out cells and test 2 every 30 minutes or so has taken some time, plus the blow up of my decent Antec PSU hampered the charging situation somewhat, I have now completed charging all of the cells ready for testing (other than a few failures that need retesting, failed due to random setup failures that are not necessarily problems with the cells) 

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