Monday, 18 May 2015

Back on the road

Got my Honda “ElectroBeat” back Wednesday 15th April 2015 picked it up from SMD’d garage after work, I have been driving it to and from work (with a few extra journeys here and their) without a hitch so it looks like the gearbox replacement was a complete success (nice one Brent) and I was amazed that it cost me less than £300 to fit, considering the fact that they had to remove the motor and old knackered gearbox and replace the whole lot along with modifying the (newly acquired second hand) clutch plate and modifying the old coupling plate (basically removing the old modified/cut down clutch plate center and welding in the newly acquired and cut down center part to the old coupling plate) and refitting the whole shebang back into the car, I would call this damn good value.

TBH If anyone who is reading this needs a good mechanic in the Brighton area of Sussex England I would not hesitate to recommend SMD as simply the best mechanics I have ever encountered, Bravo SMD

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