Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Brake Disc’s and Pads arrived

Disc’s and Pads turned up on Tuesday 27th May 2014 when I arrived home I immediately grabbed them and began fitting.

The brake performance has been s#!t to say the least ever since I have had the car I am hoping this is going to help significantly, did both rear discs and pads on Tuesday evening.

Will try and do the front pads this weekend in between digging a pond (the work just never ends!) after speaking to a friend at work who knows his cars (fossil fuel cars anyhow) I described the colour of my brake fluid and he has suggested it is shot and needs replacing completely so I may well drain the lot and replace that as well at the same time, plus I am beginning to think that I will probably need an additional vacuum chamber as well as I think the pump is just not enough with such a small brake vac chamber as the Honda Beat has, I have seen Mike on diyelectriccar’s RX8 and he is using a nice looking 3 spheres chamber that seems to work well, will probably try and source something similar.

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