Thursday, 12 June 2014

Finally fit the front pads and flush the whole brake fluid chamber

Ok so I finally found the time last night to fit the front brake pads and bleed the whole brake fluid system through completely with brand new fluid, Although it feels a little better this morning I won’t be able to test the brakes properly until the front pads have bedded in properly (a week of my short commutes)

I am hopeful that now I have new discs on the rear and new pads all round that I will notice a significant difference, However I still think I am going to need to add an additional vacuum chamber to make the vacuum brake system work properly (already bought one) and I may well need to wire a bounce-less switch setup to the relay controlling it possibly with a capacitor resistor arrangement to provide an adjustable pulse of vacuum pump time.

The current 2 relay setup (one to provide current to the vac pump, the other to protect the vacuum sensor/switch from having too much current drawn through it) is just not working reliably enough to say the brakes are “working” satisfactorily.

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