Thursday, 11 July 2013

Second EV donor car bought! Are we MAD!

Yep I must really be losing it now after discussing the options for replacing our only “Working” car this weekend (16th June 2013 for my own reference).

We don't really have a choice as it is a fantastic twin turbo 2.5 liter (gas guzzling) VR4 Legnum (road eating monster!) estate and it is costing us a fortune to run now that the price of petrol has reached the ridiculous levels it’s at in the UK, but man it’s fun to drive ;-)

£1.33 Pence per liter! 4.56 liters to the gallon 1.33 x 4.56 = £6.06 per gallon or $9.52 per gallon for you US folks!
Legalized Extortion! Still at least it is seriously pushing the alternatives here in the UK.

My partner decided that she was not willing to drive a “Noddy” car (that's an underpowered “sensible” car to most people, Noddy is a children’s character who drives a plastic "toy" car) and that looks and power were still top of the agenda (did I mention we are reforming petrol heads!) however not willing to hang the ECO issue out to dry the only option as far as we can see is full blown electric, hybrids are a false economy as towing a petrol engine for extra power when required and for range extension does not make sense, and when you are running on petrol you are towing a large set of depleted batteries and motor/controller etc. Bonkers!

Hydrogen Powered cars just don't make sense either as the cost of producing the hydrogen outweighs the savings in both energy and money, LPG is a limited resource just like Petrol and Diesel, and although I realize that lithium is not great for the environment the future of battery technology is looking bright what with the graphene battery technology that is being developed currently amongst others, there is definitely a race on to find the next 21st century energy storage technology and I am looking forward to it landing sooner rather than later.

So being a sensible (MAD!) girl like she is and seeing as my 1st EV build is going so well she decided to drop a bombshell on me this weekend by buying an Mazda RX8 incredibly cheap of eBay we won the auction for £560! And the current owner has already stripped the dead engine out as he was intending to fit another gas guzzler in there, I was going to do an RX8 as my next conversion if the Honda worked out nicely, but as always the missus likes to stir it up and put the pressure on ;-)

Still she could be sensible. "Boring!"

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