Thursday, 11 July 2013

Accepted for exhibiting at the Brighton Mini Maker Fair

In the spate of email correspondence with Steve clarifying what remains to be done I mentioned the fact that I have just been accepted for exhibiting at the Brighton Mini Maker Fair at the corn exchange on the 7th of September and they have asked me to exhibit the EV, MENTAL!

On the other hand this imposes a deadline for completion of the EV of the 7th of September, Steve recons that when he is back it should not take more than 4 days to complete the battery build (the copper buss-bars take most of that time) and another week to complete the car! A WEEK!

I am stunned, I thought there was a lot more to do I terms of electrical/electronic wiring but Steve recons as he put it “The worst parts are done really, from now on it’s like making an electric drill with a big battery”

However as I remember here are the remaining bits to do:-

Fit batteries into boxes & wire them up.
Fit wired boxes into car.
Fit Soliton Jr into car.
Fit (hopefully complete) charger into car.
Wire them all together and to the motor, with some big ass welders cable.
Wire up all the low voltage stuff, Soliton Jr to BMS to charger, etc.
Fit Vacuum pump for brakes.
Fit a small 12V “leisure” battery to support all the in car electronics, windows radio, vacuum pump for brakes, etc.
Get the EV MOT’ed.

Wish/Dream list

Get the whole outside of the car re-sprayed probably in gloss black or metallic black.
Get a funky wrap livery slapped on the side something like “Electro Beat” in fat electric blue lightning font.
Pimp, Pimp,Pimp that car, lighter alloys, hard top, gull wings Dream Dream Dreeeaam!
Get it to a race track and burn some (lots of) rubber ;-)

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