Monday, 17 June 2013

Charger panic over

Ok so my worries over missing parts were unfounded, as it turns out the voltage doubler board is for countries that have 110V AC mains supply, obvious really but as I am a novice at HV electronics these sorts of issues are bound to trip me up.

Thankfully Valery of Emotorwerks clarified the confusion as soon as I sent him a photo of my kit unpacked, there was 1 part missing however an output diode, Valery sent me a link to the part so I could confirm that the part was definitely missing (which it was)

In fact the service I have received so far from Valery of Emotorwerks is second to none, Thanks Valery, We shall probably be doing more business in the future (when I start my second EV build, whoa there slow down boy one at a time!)

Will get more photos uploaded soon as soon as I can find the micro usb lead for my other camera.
I am really starting to enjoy this build now.

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  1. Hi,

    Nice to find your blog. I also started last month with a conversion of a Austin Metro of 1988. The blog is here :
    It seems like we have the same interest in choosing the components. I also ordered a K9 motor and wil be using a charger from EMotorWerks.
    If you want to follow my blog, please do.
    Everything is typed in dutch but with the Chrome translate I hope it possible for you to read.