Thursday, 11 July 2013

Batt boxes marked and locking brackets fitted

Brent gave the battery boxes back to my partner today (Friday 28th) with markings for where he wanted the brackets (90 degree angle Iron Ali) TIG welded in place and in the same day she had them delivered back to David @ Sussex Iron works for welding.

By Wednesday 3rd July we had the boxes back to Brent with brackets fitted, unfortunately not in time to see that Brent had jumped on a plane for his summer holiday! Bummer.
So once again I take stock and carry on with the charger build.

Sent several emails to Steve updating him on progress and found out that Steve also goes on his holiday the week Brent comes back! And he won’t be back until the beginning of August typical, Oh well I suppose it will give me more time to complete the charger build, Just wiring, bolting everything to the massive heat sink, fitting it all in the Ali box & testing (which I can’t do without the batteries fitted) sounds like a lot of work when I write it down, better get busy as I have been enjoying the rare sunshine/heat wave we are currently experiencing here in the UK and the charger build has slipped slightly, I have however been ordering/sourcing bits to finish it off with.

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