Friday, 14 June 2013

Charger build woes

Ok so I finally got serious with the charger build last night and discovered that I am definitely missing some considerable bits, even more worrying is that the Ali box I have just had made to accommodate the charger might now be too small for the missing bits! I emailed Valery of Emotorwerks yesterday and his reply suggests that I should have had a Voltage Doubler board as I am using single phase and it appears that I have been sent the 3 Phase kit by mistake.

The missing Doubler board is large to say the least and has a lot of large Caps on it looks like I may have to rethink the chargers internals completely once I have this board & bits, even then it may not fit and I might have to scrap the box and start again with a new Ali box for the charger (I hope not as the missus will not be pleased!) also the box was made as large as I could fit in the mini boot on the Honda so a larger box is not really an option.

However there is a space to the left of the charger in front of the Soliton that would probably take the extra board/s (there may be two) if I can make an extra box to accommodate the Voltage Doubler and connect the two via some cabling this might just work, it is sort of a bodge but with the very limited boot space I don't have a lot of options.

There were also a number of smaller components missing but none of these are size limiting and Valery was happy to send whatever was missing along with some wire as well as some compensation for the extra duty I am bound to get charged.All in all I am not too worried about any of this but as we approach the 10K self-imposed limit on this project my partner is starting to twitch ;-) I have around £1200 left before I break the 10K barrierTo be honest I can’t believe she ever let me start this project but I am sure I will be paying for it in kind for years to come :-)
EMotorWerks 10KW Charger Non-PFC Kit fresh out the box

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