Friday, 14 June 2013

Aluminum battery boxes finally built

At last I found a local sheet metal fabricator that was happy to use my old sheets of aluminum (well my partner did anyhow as she is definitely in control of the finances on this project), David from Sussex Iron Works, literally just down the road from me.

After supplying him with the hand drawn technical drawing that Mikki (My Partner) had kindly produced from Brents rough sketch, he got straight to work on them the next day, the day after that they were done and for less than half the price I was originally quoted (£200 to be exact) this is great as not only did I save money but got to use some very old sheet Ali I have had kicking around for years.

I will post photos of these soon as well.

I took the boxes straight back to Brent for sizing up against the car so we can work out exactly where the Ali angle needs fitting to give us a mounting solution.

Brent was on holiday that week so I caught up with him the following week and talked at length on the next stage in the build.

Brent advised me of the need to make up a steel support frame to hold the battery boxes securely in place, I had originally thought that we could just mount the angle Ali straight onto the car but as Brent explained this would be very insecure and in the event of a crash would definitely not be good enough to prevent the battery’s flying out everywhere ( I am learning more every day on this project).

He has ordered the Steel and it should be here on Friday (Today in fact) his next free slot for the EV project was next Wednesday and he reckoned that it should not take more than a day to make up the steel support and size up the boxes ready for TIG welding of the Ali Brackets, so they should be ready for battery stuffing the week after that (hopefully)

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