Friday, 13 March 2015

“Honey I blew the Gearbox”

Ok so speaking of failures in my last few posts here comes another!
Yes I can now confirm that my adolescent driving style over the last year and a half has finally taken its toll on the tiny little Honda Beat gearbox :-(

After driving over the mother in laws the other night I hear the dreaded “pop” and grinding of teeth once again (barley a month after this happened before) except this time I was literally and coincidentally driving past my mechanics workshop so it was a simple matter to roll it round the corner and park it up for Brent to look at ASAP.
He got around to it a couple of days later, however this time the news was not good, I had stripped the splines from the old clutch plate that we had used to make a coupling plate from and it has also worn the splines on the gearbox as well, so a new gearbox and clutch plate are in order.

You can just see from this blurry photo that there is a distinct lack of splines in that there hole :-(

We have source a replacement gearbox and clutch plate and should hear on this Monday coming from the guy who is selling them.

For now I am back car sharing the deep fat fryer :-(

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