Friday, 3 May 2013

Coupling plate & splined “low inertial” coupling made & fitted

Called Brent yesterday to check on progress and discovered that he has received the motor/gearbox back from the CADCAM engineer as of Thursday 2nd May.

We (Brent) decided that it would be simpler for the CADCAM engineer who was tasked with milling the coupling plate & splined collar to supply the motor & gearbox coupled, avoiding potential mistakes in manufacture or fitting of the plate & collar.

Brent tells me that he is collecting the Honda from me next Tuesday for fitting of the motor /gearbox into the Honda Beat.

Then we should be ready for Steve (Jozztek) to take a close look at where best to position the controller pack (Soliton Jr)  the Charger & Battery Boxes/Trays, my friend  who was going to do the TIG welding has now gotten held up on other business so it looks like I will have to find another TIG welder (person) but all in all things are really starting to move forward on the build now, I am still hoping I may get to drive this beauty before summer is over, after all it is a convertible.

I will try and visit the mechanics tonight to get some photos of the Motor/Gearbox before it is fitted.

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  1. I'm working on a similar project - Honda Beat with AC-35 motor - and would love to get more info regarding your motor to gearbox coupler. By my reckoning, the gearbox input shaft is about 1mm proud of the bell-housing, and the motor output shaft is about 2 inches proud of the motor face, but you've managed to mate the motor to the gearbox with about a 1/2 inch adapter plate. Was any modification of the gearbox input shaft or motor output shaft necessary, or is just "nose-to-nose" with a keyway to spline adapter?