Thursday, 16 May 2013

Motor & Gearbox fitted

I visited the Mechanics last Friday 10th May to take a look at the Motor and Gearbox fitted (temporarily), took lots of photos

Series of Photos showing motor fitted (temporarily)
with custom steel mounting brackets courtesy of SMD (Brent & Luke)
The green MG is underneath the Honda which is up on the lift.

Brent had made up some custom steel motor mounts also fitted and discussed the need to get the batteries over for sizing up the battery trays, along with the rest of the bits.

We will be removing everything and cleaning the (very dirty) car inside and out before prepping, rust protecting, (although there is very little rust considering this is a 20 year old car!) and under sealing.

If I am not bankrupt by the time I have finished this build I would also love to get just the outside prepped and re-sprayed in metallic black ready for some decals or maybe a whole car wrap graphic (sweet).
I immediately mailed Steve from Jozztek asking for some batteries for sizing purposes and updating him on the swift progress recently.

I dug out the 2 sheets of 3mm Aluminum this weekend, they turned out to be 6x4 (foot) sheets rather than 8 x 4 as I had remembered  but there should be enough for the boxes.

Steve has just mailed me to say he will be catching up with Brent tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) to give him the batteries (for box sizing) and to discuss details mounting positions etc.

I must now get busy with the charger build.

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