Wednesday, 10 June 2015

VC5 & Keys arrive for one of the Mopeds

After waiting for a while for the guy who gave me the 3 Electric Mopeds to send me the keys and paperwork, I received a Jiffy bag the other day with all the keys and just one VC5 and a number plate for the same one.
As it turns out it is for the smallest and oldest AFAIK, a little silver moped called a V-Rider E2GO, someone had attempted to wire it up with 4 Lead Acid batteries, however they had connected them all to the 12V input and so they may well have blown something, Being fooled by the mistaken wire up I tested the moped with the batteries wired wrongly and on connection got a wicked spark, however all the 12V electrics appeared to work as expected just no traction, So I did a little web research and dug around in the box of extra bits to see if I was missing anything, after a while I discovered that this is the moped that has a lithium pack under the riders feet and a 12V Lead acid battery under the seat (leaving space under the seat for the helmet to be locked away)
So I pulled apart the obviously fugged LIPO pack (cells seriously swollen and obviously dead) and put any cells that looked like they might still be ok on a test charge but after attempting to charge 2 of the 4 blocks I found that they won’t hold a charge suggesting that a complete new LIPO pack is needed, Oh well I will probably just try and source replacement cells cheap and rebuild the genuine pack myself from scratch, it appears to have BMS boards monitoring or possibly balancing the cells, so I took a lot of photos when I was pulling the cells out so I can put it back as it was. Watch this space, I intend to get this one on the road at least as a backup for when my car is off the road for repairs/upgrades.

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