Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Localized Melting spotted in Mia’s Window Corner!

Calling all Mia owners, Has anyone (any Mia Owner) experienced any damage to the plastic nearest the top left of the passenger window on the Charge plug side of the car?

I have had my Mia for 3 weeks now (Very happy Second Owner) and last night I noticed for the first time that the white plastic roof panel is damaged (Melted!) right in the very top left most corner. (The white plastic is clearly melted with bubbles formed in the plastic itself and very slight browning and hairline black cracks)

It appears that this has possibly been caused by sunlight heating the black window surround and the window somehow focusing it onto the white roof panel right in the corner, as far as I can tell this appears to be caused by environmental heating from sunlight!

Does anyone know if there is any wiring that goes around the inside of the top left corner of the side window nearest the charge plug, I am worried that something internally might be heating this area during charging and causing this damage.

Update: I have since checked the temperature of this corner of the window whilst charging and there is definitely no heating during charging which leads me to believe that this must have been caused by environmental factors i.e. Strong Sunlight being somehow focused by the round window corners and the black window surround, if this is true then it demonstrates a definite design fault.

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