Wednesday, 25 February 2015

RX8 Motor Coupling

Brent called the other day to discuss the motor coupling as it turned out the Kostov K11 that came out of Steve’s MX5 had a splined coupling collar of some sort but Brent had to drill down the length of it and split it open to get the motor detached from the MX5’s gearbox, destroying the splined collar in the process, so much to my partners dismay I will have to purchase further bits to get this sorted.
After discovering that Kostov were going to charge me £235 for the coupling plate (which they incorrectly call a torque convertor for some odd reason) I found a universal coupling plate on eBay that is a perfect fit, ordered this immediately as despite the US duties I will have to pay, It is less than half the price of Kostov’s offering. In fact Kostov seem to charge well over the odds for their parts, I bought brushes for both the motors I own and bearings for the K9 and these also seemed overpriced, I will source all spares I can from elsewhere in future, in fact if I ever get more motors they will probably not be Kostov’s due mainly to the price.
Brent also needs the plastic bush coupler that goes between the K11 coupling pate and the RX8’s diff’s coupling plate.


So the parts I mentioned above arrived in good time but unfortunately the motor coupling plate looks more than a little weak to say the least it is split in several places to allow for the easy fitting I guess but this also means that there is only around a 3mm ring of metal that is going to take the full motor torque, Shit that will not do so it is back to the drawing board for this part and to top it off my mechanic gave me the RX8’s coupling plate and this will also need modifying to allow the plastic bush coupler to fit both the RX8 and Motor side.
Still I have a friend who is hopefully going to help me machine up something that will be strong enough to do the job, watch this space ;-)

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