Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Charger fans packed up!

This blog is starting to look like a long list of failures, but then I guess if you take into account that I drive and charge this baby every single working day of the week (5 days a week) and some weekends to boot then the CPU fans I used have probably not done to badly for 18 months of use charging every day throughout the miserable cold & wet winters we get here in the UK, and the last couple have been especially wet, positively monsoon like!
Went to charge night before last and when I powered up the charger the usual fan noise was not present and immediately obvious as such, I left it a while and monitored the temp but it was soon obvious that no fans would mean imminent charger death, So I powered down took the following day off and replaced the 4 small CPU fans I had used in the initial build for a larger single CPU fan and despite its now precarious securing method (zip fasteners) it is jammed quite snugly in the hole cut in the ex-engine bay and secured by a single zip fastener to stop it coming adrift, this is very definitely a temporary bodge and will need addressing properly with 2 new correctly sized fans that are double the depth and preferably a little more robust than the puny CPU fans I have been using up till now, I wonder if you can get IP rated fans I guess so, more research needed.

Also on a side note the small LCD display on the charger is starting to show signs of imminent death, it has developed a couple of line faults in both the horizontal and vertical planes, very annoying as the display is small anyway and any sort of loss of info makes it very difficult to read, also the test after the fan failed appears to have killed the temp sensor, this will also need addressing soon, now reads -68 which I seem to remember is a not present reading (obviously it has become disconnected maybe the excess heat has melted something or more likely my removal of the lid has inadvertently disconnected the temp sensor plug.

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