Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Testing, Testing 1,2 – 350 Cells!

I have been testing EIG’s constantly every spare minute (outside of my normal working day and working around my kids and partner) and what with the Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night celebrations and a dose of flu. I think I have managed pretty well to get to around 95 cells by the third weekend however this weekend I could just not bring myself to drag my sorry ass out of bed early enough to get stuck in so by the time I had managed to get to it I was already way behind schedule to achieve my “Required” 30 cells in one weekend target. So to quicken things up I decided to try the 40 amp 2S discharge and graph again (WHAAAAAT! I hear you cry) yes I know the last time I tried this I blew up the Powerlab 8 but it is well within the power rating of the Powerlab 8 and seeing as I have just tested over 90 cells without a single hitch with this new Powerlab 8 I am confident that the problem must have been with the previous one being faulty. So with everything crossed and my nose twitching for the first sign of any unusual smells I cautiously setup the 2S test and to my relief it all worked perfectly I carried on testing 2S all day to catch up to my 30 cell target and now have around 125 EIG’s tested and awaiting assembly into a sweet traction pack.

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