Wednesday, 3 December 2014

250 Cells tested nearly half way there!

Testing continued over the next couple of weeks until I reached the half way mark and the fog began to close in.
Now I live in a low lying area prone to flooding and we get some awesome fog this time of year, Coupled with the fact that I have just had the roof of my workshop replaced and part of this job meant the old fascia boards being removed and not replaced has resulted in the workshop getting a little more condensation that it used to.
No biggie I thought and began to plan for some replacement plastic fascia boards, However the Antec 480P PSU I had been using to power my BC168 was and old reused ex PC PSU and had a fair amount of dust in it, The addition of a little condensate soaked into this dust meant that one Saturday morning when I went out to begin another productive days cell testing I switched on the PSU to hear a crackling sound, Rapidly switched off checked the connections and tried again, as soon as I switched back on BANG! Shit there goes another PSU and after disassembling and looking for the fault I decided it was simpler to replace.
So I put in an order for as brand new 450W Antec which arrived the other day, speaking of arrivals I have a box of silicone cell separators sitting in my hallway that arrived a few weeks ago now and I will be using these soon to start constructing the Traction Pack proper.

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