Monday, 8 September 2014

Purchase of Battery pack for the RX8

I recently had a stroke of luck in sourcing 350 x EIG C020 LIPO cells on the web, I came across a guy trying to sell a small number of them and after enquiring it turned out he had sold them all and that was that, or so I thought, about a month or two later he re-contacted me saying that he had a friend who had hundreds more available if I was interested, I said I was and to cut a long story short I cashed up for 350 of them which are now sitting proudly in my workshop awaiting construction into the RX8’s Traction Pack.
Although these cells are second hand they are in very good condition and I have been assured that they have done very few full cycles and so are almost new, Another big advantage with them is that they already have connection tabs with screw holes and are mounted in cassettes that clip together in blocks of around 30 cells, they guy who sold them to me also had buss-bars but these were in a 3P configuration and so are not appropriate for my needs.
I am hoping to use them in a 5P 70S configuration to give me a nominal voltage of around 260v, Steve recommended that I get closer to 300V but I think I will go with the 5P configuration and add more in series later if I can afford to. 

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