Monday, 8 September 2014

Cycle Analyst finally fitted!

So seeing as the BMMF is drawing in very close now my maker genes are kicking into overdrive and last night I finally stole the time from my family to fit the Cycle Analyst into the “ElectroBeat”
I had previously prepared for the fitting by threading three wires through the bulkhead behind the seats and routing them into the central trunk where the brake cable electric windows & gear stick are located, Once I had it all apart and had a look where I left off it was a fairly simple matter of connecting one of the three wires to the –ve side of the shunt (already fitted), The –ve side of the shunt is connected to the Traction Packs –ve terminal the +ve side of the shunt is connected to the –ve that goes to the Soliton Jr controller, The Shunt goes inline between the controllers –ve terminal and the batterys –ve terminal, The only other connection (the third one) goes to the +ve side of the Traction Pack, I connected it to the controller side of the HV contactor so that it is switched off when the ignition is turned off.

A Shunt is just a very accurate high current resistor that allows for exact measurement of current flow through it by the Cycle Analyst or another current (Amp) counter.

Even though this was a fairly simple fit it still took me 2 ½ hours to fit what with the fiddling with crimps (making sure the crimps were good) carefully routing the cables protecting the 300v +ve signal that is routed to the dashboard (an obvious safety concern) and redoing the shunt connections when I realised I had routed them the wrong way out of the heat shrink sleeve that I slid back to expose the shunt (I have not shrunk this as yet as I was awaiting the fitting of this Cycle Analyst thereby completing the shunt connections) also whilst I was redoing the shunt connections the right way I broke the screw that connects the signal wire to one side of the shunt and I note that they seem to be deliberately placed as close to the resistive junction as possible, Seeing as I broke the screw off in the hole that is placed close to the junction I had no choice but to put that sides signal wire onto the 50A battery connection, I may have to redo this again and remove the shunt for drilling out so I can fit the signal wire where it is supposed to be mounted closest to the resistive junction.

Still once it was all back together and safely zip tied in place (yes the meter is held in with zip ties at the moment I am currently 3D printing a dashboard mount for it.)  And all the cables were safely zip tied to the (immovable parts of the) brake cables and electric window cables I put the covers back on just in time as darkness fell at around 8:30 (Winter is on its way!) fired up the ignition and was greeted with the lovely site of the Cycle Analyst V2.23 message (I had previously tried to fit the V3 Cycle Analyst but as it turned out the design had changed so much that they had connected the –ve Battery terminal to the Chassis! A big NO-NO in High Voltage EV’s but then this Cycle analyst is designed for e-bikes that don’t generally require 200+ volts!  

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