Monday, 11 November 2013

New alloys & tyres for better grip in the wet and brake servicing

Came down with the flu on Wednesday and took a couple of days off work as I was coughing and contagious, so I did not get to touch the car for a couple of days.

On Saturday I was still feeling s#!t but managed to drag myself to the local tyre place and get some 195/50 R15’s on the new rims I had bought last weekend, whilst I was fitting them I serviced the whole braking system by removing the piston side of the callipers and freeing up the slightly seized rams(just needed a tweak with a pipe wrench to free up the ram) the car had been sitting for a year and so the grease had gotten stiff.

Tested the car with new wheels and tyres, feels great loads of grip, they do feel heavier though and this will probably affect my range, so I may get a couple of 185/40 R15’s for the front to avoid the slight rubbing on the plastic guard at full lock.

Still need to balance them may get the tracking done at the same time although it feels pretty good.

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