Monday, 11 November 2013

Charger repair begins

Sunday I was still feeling unwell but decided to try and pickup from where I left off about a month ago with my charger build, Solved the display refresh issue by downloading the latest firmware release (V11) after reading the last few entries on the diyelectricar charger thread last night, luckily this latest post included the TimerOne & LCD libraries, after downloading installing libraries compiling and flashing the display issue has vanished!

Horrah, I just hope when I get to the HV tests I don’t blow another IGBT/Driver/Isolator as this charger is starting to look expensive already.

However my envy of seeing other people using these chargers successfully should keep me going ;-)
Can’t wait to charge on the go, I am currently running my EV (for around a month now) to and from work via School for my daughter I do around 25 miles round trip and use approximately half of my 10kw traction pack, I only specified 40 mile range so currently it is all looking pretty good.

I am borrowing a couple of Zivan chargers from a friend who’s EV is off the road at the moment, charging takes me around 2 to 2 and a half hours total although I have to revisit half way through to switch off one charger as I am using one charger to charge two (paired) of my three battery boxes, the other to charge the third.

I hope to get my HV cut off boards (installed in the batt boxes) to control the charger so I can simply plug and go rather than timing everything.

Test1                                                       Test2
Calibration Sequence

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