Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Engine & Ancillaries stripped

My partner has christened the EV “Electro Beat”, the Donor car went in on the 11th of Dec for the engine removal, unfortunately it looks like I may have to keep the gearbox due to space & cost issues, this is not definite yet as we may be able to mod the gearbox so as we are just using the gearbox casement which is useful as it has all the engine mounts connected to it so we would not have to make potentially expensive custom engine mountings.

Worst case is we keep the gearbox & gears complete and I would just have to use the 4th& 5th gears, this is a tried and tested method and although it is a simple low cost solution it will result in additional noise from the gearbox (whir, which would normally be covered by the loud engine noise) and the loss of some torque through the gearbox as friction & noise.

My mechanic (Brent) took the beat for a test drive before he started the strip down and laughed at just how underpowered it was, after all this little car only developed 63BHP new and looking at a more recent dyno readout that was supplied with the car (handy!) this one was nearer 57BHP, my limited experience of driving this great little car (picking it up) was similar in it seemed to make a hell of a lot of noise for very little grunt. But all the same a great fun car to drive and being a Honda it has rock solid build quality.

Anyway the motor is due to be ordered at the end of December so I should be getting the joiner plate and a coupling made up once this has arrived (Probably around mid Feb).

I will put the engine & ancillaries up for sale after the motor is fitted as I may need the flywheel from the engine side to make the coupling to the motor easier.

If it turns out I don't need the gears in the gearbox I may also sell these as they seem to fetch a price secondhand as they are very difficult parts to come by if you need one.

At the mechanics just before stripdown
Exhaust removed
 Engine & Cooling system out

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