Monday, 6 January 2014

Collected Fuel/Charge Gauge.

At last I visited Steve this weekend for just a couple of hours (he is as busy as me) and collected a few bits and bobs, mainly I swapped the V3 Charge Analyst for his V2 as it turns out the guy who makes these has made a big change to the design which means that I would have had to make the Car’s chassis common with the Traction Packs –ve terminal, BAD IDEA! This would mean that if I had the covers off or boot open and was working on the car whist leaning on the chassis I would only need to touch a live terminal an bamm! Instant perm!
The V2 Charge analyst does not have this problem as it does not require a common ground, Steve can’t understand why the guy that makes these has done this as it has essentially blown this product for HV use post V2!
Also picked up the extra cell cables I need for the LVC/HVC circuit and borrowed a DC current clamp to run some tests on the charger.
Steve finally got to take it for a spin and I think he was impressed, although it is not as powerful as his it sure shifts when you boot it, his primary concern was the shit brakes which although I have serviced them still don’t work that much better, I know that 1 Disc on the rear is shot and needs skimming/replacing but even though they are tiny discs and pads so I think I will look at getting bigger callipers and disc’s fitted if I can find some that will fit.

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